Reflections on innovation on location

Last summer I unexpectedly but gladly became part of a very interesting initiative, called DORP at Welcome To The Village Festival. It all started with the fact that me and my friend won the D-exto design competition for sustainable festival furniture, which made it possible for us to execute our design and to showcase it at several festivals by traveling along with the D-exto pavilion. D-exto, Delft Experience Tomorrow, is a TU Delft based initiative focussed on sustainable innovation on campus where students of diverse disciplines work together to design and present appealing technical designs or applications in a sustainable pavilion that invites visitors to interact and thereby provoke thought and motivation to change their lifestyles. The pavilion travels to different events and festivals in order to promote sustainable awareness among its visitors. D-Exto believes that festivals and events are the perfect playground for sustainable innovation as a festival is like a city; in need of all daily services. The temporality however, makes it very simple to test new innovations that can then be developed further to be implemented in the ‘real world’. Based on this idea DORP was developed.

Enjoy reading more about it in the document!