Sustainability versus IS


Today I will write a column about a column, a column I red this morning with a nice cup of coffee and a freshly baked croissant. A totally peaceful morning, a morning without any terrorists attacks, a morning after our national holiday Sinterklaas, a morning with even a little bit of sunshine. After a chaotic period of political turbulence and a morning newspaper full with negative news it was very delighting to read this positive column with an answer on all this trouble. 

The column from ‘De Correspondents’ author Rob Wijnberg describes why sustainability is the answer to destroy IS. He describes four reasons. First terrorist groups as Islamic State are financially almost entirely dependent on oil money. If we would be totally energy self sufficient we no longer finance the Islamite State. Hit them in the wallet! Second, terrorist groups thrive nowhere better than in and around oil dictatorships. The more sustainable our economy is, the weaker the tyranny that IS grows and thrives from. Third: the oil forces us to the Middle East. Our permanent military presence in the Middle East is one of the main reasons for the hatred of the West. Lets stop this hate! And finally climate change itself is increasingly seen as a catalyst for social unrest and violence. The negative future perspective and the forthcoming end of the world strengthens extremists in their believes to fight the Jihad.

Let’s stop being dependant of this kind of regimes. Lets make ourselves 100% self-sufficient so we don’t have to put ourselves in this strangulated position. Lets free ourselves! Lets start the construction of our sustainable infrastructures today! Why invest millions of Euros in the security of our society if the sustainable society is the real answer? It will make us politically independent and secures our economies to continue working. As a bonus we also save the planet… Lets go!

Read the column in De Correspondent here: