3.3 Behavement of current developments within desired sustainability criteria

3.3.    Behavement of current developments within desired sustainability criteria

The goal is to be able to create higher involvement in the community by integrating the dynamic behaviour and rhythm through accommodation. This means the shifts between summer and winter that take place on the island, need to slowly disappear. The tourism in wintertime will slowly grow towards the same quantity as the tourism in the summertime. This could mean the consumption of food, water and energy will also increase, but since this effect is stimulated, it can also be controlled. By constantly intervening, the tourism in the wintertime can grow in a sustainable way.


This means an AirBNB approach by itself wouldn’t be enough. Although it does take care of the problem, it isn’t controlling the situation to make sure that it’s happening sustainable. The Green Tourism and the festival approach seems to be more viable. It is also necessary that these approaches don't have a big effect on the nature and culture of the island and that the locals are supporting this plan. Especially the festival could leave waste on places of importance, such as the beach. Locals could also be complaining about vandalism or noise pollution. The plan is still viable, but extra care should be put in the control of this plan.


The final discussed plan, in which vacation homes don’t necessarily get more tourists, but get adapted to be spilling less energy, is more of a backup plan and not a direct aim towards the predetermined goal. It does lower the consumption, but it doesn’t offer much gain, apart from solar energy. This plan does, however, have the least effect on the nature and culture of the island. Support from the islanders is also guaranteed, since it won’t affect them. This plan also takes into account the accommodations of locals, by informing them about retrofitting their homes. Perhaps this part can be taken into the other plans as well. For example, the tourism office that informs accommodation owners about how to offer sustainable accommodations for tourists, could also inform the locals. This way the plan will be more effective, because it’s working on a bigger scale.


These reviews do lead to a few more defined criteria of those mentioned in chapter 1. Apart from not affecting the nature and culture, it does need to affect both public. and private accommodation. To make this plan work on a big scale, the houses of locals need to be improved too, at least by informing them of the ways to reduce consumption.