Chapter 1. Introduction

A brief introduction on sea farming research.


As the years pass, the effects of human intervention on the planet start to show themselves more clearly everywhere, most obviously in climate change. A result of this is that society is becoming more aware of sustainability issues, and has been taking the first steps towards transitioning to a sustainable system over the last decade (Pesch).


‘Living from the sea’ is the subsystem that is researched in this report. It covers a wide domain of research in which the focus will be put Sea Farming. Sea farming, seagriculture, acquaculture and acquafarming are all synonyms for the same technology; the farming of aquatic organisms such as crustaceans, fish and aquatic plants. In the context of the assignment all focus is directed towards the latter, as there are other reports in the making covering the former two aspects of sea farming. In contrast with current sea farming practices in the Far East, a controlled environment is created which one can grow these plants. The specimens can be small, such as the single-celled microorganisms that fish feed on, or large, such as giant kelp or seaweed. 


Just as the technologies of sea farming, the uses of the farmed materials are highly diverse, but five main categories can be defined: food, fodder, fertilizer, fuel and chemical base-products.


We will investigate the current state of sea farming as socio-technical system on the island of Texel. In addition a vision will be formed of how the described socio-technical system can help achieve the goal of a self-sufficient Texel in 2065. By comparing the situation now with that proposed for the future the key transition challenges will arise and from those the research questions shall be developed. 




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