Student (archived)

Roely Rijpkema

TU Delft MSc student architecture

From the moment I started at the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft, I am interest in the subject of sustainability in the build environment. During the bachelor and the master, the projects always contained sustainability added by me. In September I started the graduation studio. Heritage is the theme of the studio and this is sufficiently connected to sustainability. Because of this interest for sustainability it was clear for me to add the TIDO certificate (sustainable certificate) to my master degree.

The course ‘Engineering for Sustainable Development’ is interesting for me because it puts sustainability more into practice. Most of the projects I finished are mostly just on paper, only the D- exto project I followed was really developed. The project was about a pavilion with projects focussing on sustainability. The pavilion travelled to different events and festivals to make the visitors more aware of sustainability. The talks we had with the students, teachers and visitors were fascinating. To discuss about different subjects in the broad topic of sustainability with students, teachers and other actors with all different backgrounds makes the course attractive to me. To combine our knowledge can bring the project to a higher level.