Permanently innovate

Sustainability initiatives, knowledge institutes and museums on the island constantly reflect and develop knowledge about the island’s sustainability. Nevertheless inhabitants and visitors could be more aware of and involved in (often invisible) sustainability. Texel accommodates many sustainability initiatives and knowledge institutes. In that respect the island is a frontrunner. Even a plan is under development to have an experimental garden at Nieuwe Schild, where niche technologies can have a pilot. Also knowledge institutes at the island working on sustainability innovations deserve valorisation. Various proposals are already made to communicate sustainability to people, for example by an app with sustainability ‘routes’.  How can sustainable, continuous innovation in which everybody can be involved contribute to self-sufficiency? Can Texel as a sustainable innovation engine, that invites people to interact and experience innovation by designing and showcasing innovative solutions at the island provoke thought and motivate change in lifestyle for instance? Inspired by initiatives like D-exto and the Ceuvel, the island may be the perfect playground for sustainable innovation.