Individual activities and assignments:

Group activities and assignments:

Texel challenge:

  • Integrate sub-system visions into overarching proposal  for a transition towards a sustainable Texel
  • Improve sub-system pathways
  • Present an attractive design to the Texelars





15 November 2015

Column week 1

Chapter 1

24 November 2015

Column week 2

Chapter 2

2 December 2015

Column week 3

Chapter 3

10 December 2015

Column week 4

Chapter 4

Report on interviews that serve as input for all chapters

14 December 2015

Column week 5

Chapter 5

Proposal for field research

6 January 2016

Column week 6

Improved final chapters

20 January 2016

Final column 7


* All assignments have to be edited and uploaded in the virtual research environment. We expect professional behaviour; be aware that information is shared in public. That implies that it has to be reported about is such a way (structure, language, story line) that it is understandable, and even attractive for insiders and outsiders (e.g. Texel entrepreneurs, of scholars interested in sustainable islands) to read and study. However,

  • avoid plagiarism! Be very precise in referencing to any source of information or ideas.
  • distinguish between info and data and your interpretation, discussion and opinion about them.