Interview reports

To make sure our research to a sustainable Texel is grounded and well informed, students will perform two interviews with experts. In the end there will be multiple sets of interviews with regard to issues that are relevant to the Texel case.

Groups report about 2 interviews on a topic that the group considers relevant for the Texel case, T 

The interview report should summarize both interviews including interview questions. The interview report concludes with the group ideas about what the lessons learnt would mean for the Texel case. The report (1500-2000 words) of the two interviews should be available before meeting 5.


1. Discuss your group’s interviews in the first week of the course. Think about respondents and contact them as soon as possible.

2. Schedule your interview on time. The report of your interviews should be available before meeting 5.

3. Respondents could be professionals or scientists.

4. Professionals may tell you about Texel, or be experienced in a comparable development, telling stories about success and failure etc.

5. Scientists may have great ideas about how to make transitions happen, analysis and diagnoses about current developments and recommendations for the Texel case.

Have a look here, and be prepared for the interview: