Texel Research

The main objective of the Texel research is to design Texel as a sustainable island. Texel has about 13.500 inhabitants and 1 miljoen tourists/year; both spend approximately the same number of nights/year. In the past years many sustainable initiatives were developed on the island Texel. Nevertheless, it is perceived that these initiatives do not necessarily build up to a transition to a sustainable island. Students’ task is to design future, sustainable Texel as a socio-technical system and to investigate what is needed for a sustainability transition for the island.

The research builds on the results from last year’s course and Planet Texel Academy. Last year it was concluded that happiness and inclusiveness are essential for a sustainability transition at the island. Moreover, Texelars are modest, entrepreneurial, and go-getters. They want to be as autonomous and self-sufficient as possible. Therefore we will design for 100% self-sufficiency in 2065 (50 years).

Find below the topics that will be explored in group research, before we go to Texel for a collaborative and participatory final design of sustainable Texel. 

The topics are based on last year results and Planet Texel (book is available in blackboard). The instructions explain what will be investigated and reported per sub-system.