The robotic war, why should it be regulated

Drones are being used for surveillance but also in warzones. but the government as role model should set the right example in the use of drones so that privacy and risk with drones by amateurs is not happening.


The robotic war, why should it be regulated

Wars will never stop, but with the current technology we are able to reduce humans in war zones.

With new technology on drones it is able to send an unmanned vehicle into danger zones and hereby preventing possible unnecessarily human lives taken. Robotic weapons currently in use range from RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) or drones are controlled by a human operator. These drones can be used as surveillance but nowadays are used in warzones as killing device. Also there are automatically aiming guns which see the heat from humans and is able to kill them.

But who is responsible and can we speak of a many hand problem?

Especially the heat detecting weapon which can kill without operator is interesting. Who controls it and gives the commands. And when the commands are given who is responsible for the action taken. How could it be prevented from possible cyber-attack or taken internally by the enemy?

There should be precise laws and regulations for these scenarios. The government needs to be aware that, even if they do not directly but indirectly pull the trigger, they are still responsible. The change of a many hand problem should completely be excluded.

What I found interesting is that amazon is testing to deliver products using drones. Drones can be bought easily by anyone and drones have been developing very quickly. This leads to unclear laws and regulation. Where is it allowed to fly the drone, what are the privacy issues and how can safety being assured?

In Russia there was a video uploaded where they attached paintball guns to a drone and as a friendly joke shoot each other using the drones. But could it also carry lethal guns or bombs. These are very serious consequences which could drastically go wrong without the right regulation.

When the government stakes drones with weapons into war, this could lead to experimentation with drones by amateurs or radicals.

Privacy is also an important topic. Nowadays drones can be used to spy on people in their private environment, for example, while sunbathing or spying through windows.

Government should be well aware of these negative uses of the drones and need to regulate them. Also I find it important that government uses their own drones in a responsible manner. The government is a role model for its people and if it uses drones in a harmful way, this will be a negative influence.